Fundamentals of Estate Planning

  Fundamentals of Estate Planning Session I - F19
  6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  Perkiomen Valley High School:

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Class will be held in Room #135.


Estate planning doesn t apply only to the wealthy. Learn how these seven important topics affect the majority of families:

1. Probate and Trusts: Understanding probate and the proper use of trusts along with its misconceptions.
2. Estate Taxes: Maximizing tax efficiency; with gifting, bequeathing, and inheritance taxes.
3. Income Taxes: Properly structuring your estate and beneficiaries to maximize income tax strategies.
4. Protection from Creditors: Bulletproofing your children s and other loved ones inheritances from their potential divorces, lawsuits, credit card debt, etc.
5. Divorce/Remarriage: Securing family wealth in the family bloodline from diversion to in-laws, new partners, and stepchildren.
6. Nursing home costs: Understanding Medicaid and protecting the family home and life savings from nursing home bills of $6,000 -
$10,000 per month.
7. Incapacity: Methods to allow for others to act on your behalf when you cannot.