Science Explorers Burps, Belches, & Bad Breath

  Science Explorers Burps, Belches & Bad Breath - W2
  1/20/2021 - 2/17/2021
  6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  Online Class

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Did you know that mucus is part of your daily diet? On what part of your body are you producing a cement-like substance? Are there little creatures living on you? What happens to our cells when we sweat? Find out the wacky science going on inside all of us! We’ll make our own mucus, create body spray to keep us smelling good, make an explosion of gas bubbles, mix up noisy putty, and use chemistry to show how to neutralize stomach acids. We like to call it a “cool kind of gross”!  A package of supplies needed to conduct the experiments will be shipped to the home at no additional cost.  This class is appropriate for children ages 7-11.